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  • Training in writing scientific articles through English (Nov 2019) // Formation rédaction articles scientifiques en anglais (nov 2019)



  • Training in writing scientific articles (Jan 2019) // Formation rédaction articles scientifiques (jan 2019)



  • Modeling magnetic-field-induced domain wall propagation in modulated-diameter cylindrical nanowires

    J. A. Fernandez-Roldan, A. De Riz, B. Trapp, C. Thirion, M. Vazquez, J.-C. Toussaint, O. Fruchart, D. Gusakova

    Sci Rep. | 9(1):5130. doi: 10.1038/s41598-019-40794-1

  • Development and characterization of Lyophilized Transparized Decellularized stroma as a replacement for living cornea in deep anterior lamellar keratoplasty

    Marie-Rose Rovere, Coralie Ouilhon, Damien Salmon, Marek Haftek, Odile Damour, Céline Auxenfans

    Cell and Tissue Banking | volume 20, pages 49–59(2019);

  • CAP-Gly proteins contribute to microtubule-dependent trafficking via interactions with the C-terminal aromatic residue of α-tubulin.

    Andrieux A, Aubry L, Boscheron C

    Small GTPases. | 10(2):138-145. doi: 10.1080/21541248.2016.1277002

  • Editing FRM Team 2020 (Andrieux) // Révision Equipe FRM 2020 (Andrieux)

    Annie Andrieux


  • Editing Research project (Arnal, 2018) // Révision Projet de recherche (Arnal, 2018)

    Isabelle Arnal


  • Editing ANR Mip-Map (Andrieux, 2018) // Révision ANR Mip-Map (Andrieux, 2018)

    Annie Andrieux


  • Translation summary thesis project (INRS 2018) // Traduction résumé sujet de thèse (INRS 2018)



  • Translation Consortium Agreement (Amidex 2018) // Traduction Accord de consortium (Amidex 2018)



  • Editing ERC submission (Migliorini, 2018) // Révision dossier ERC (Migliorini, 2018)

    Fostering Science Programme


  • Translation texts film presentation Clinatec // Traduction textes film Clinatec (2018)



  • On the relevance of an in vitro reconstructed human epidermis model for drug screening in atopic dermatitis

    Roland Hubaux, Coralie Bastin, Michel Salmon

    Experimental Dermatology | Volume27, Issue12.

  • Revision Dossier ERC ChloroMito (Finazzi, 2018) // Révision Dossier ERC ChloroMito (Finazzi, 2018)

    Giovanni Finazzi


  • Translation table of contents RST (2018) // Traduction sommaires RST (2018)



  • Genomic duplication in the 19q13.42 imprinted region identified as a new genetic cause of intrauterine growth restriction

    Graciane Petre, Patrick Lorès, Hervé Sartelet, Aurélie Truffot, Brice Poreau, Sandrine Brandeis, Guillaume Martinez, Véronique Satre, Radu Harbuz, Pierre F. Ray, Florence Amblard, Françoise Devillard, Gaëlle Vieville, Francois Berger, Pierre‐Simon Jouk, Daniel Vaiman, Aminata Touré, Charles Coutton, Marie Bidart

    Clinical Genetics | 94(6):575-580.

  • Editing press releases // Révision communiqués de presse (2018)


  • Short- and long-term efficacy of electroconvulsive stimulation in animal models of depression: The essential role of neuronal survival

    Julie Jonckheere, Jean-Christophe Deloulme, Gaëlle Dall’Igna, Nicolas Chauliac, Albane Pelluet, Anne-Sophie Nguon, Celia Lentini, Jacques Brocard, Eric Denarier, Sabine Brugière, Yohann Couté, Christophe Heinrich, Christophe Porcher, Jérôme Holtzmann, Annie Andrieux, Marie-Françoise Suaud-Chagny, Sylvie Gory-Fauré

    Brain Stimulation | Volume 11, Issue 6, Pages 1336-1347.

  • Clinical-grade mesenchymal stem cells derived from umbilical cord improve septic shock in pigs

    Caroline Laroye, Jérémie Lemarié, Amir Boufenzer, Pierre Labroca, Lisiane Cunat, Corentine Alauzet, Frédérique Groubatch, Clémence Cailac, Lucie Jolly, Danièle Bensoussan, Loïc Reppel, Sébastien Gibot

    Intensive Care Medicine Experimental | volume 6, Article number: 24 (2018).

  • Translation Enrollment forms (2018) // Traduction dossier d'inscription (2018)

    Ecole Centrale Marseille


  • Functional Consequences of Calcium Influx Promoted by Bacterial Pore-Forming Toxins

    Stéphanie Bouillot, Emeline Reboud, Philippe Huber

    Toxins (Basel) | 10(10):387.

  • Translation presentation ISSA // Traduction présentation ISSA (2018)

    BGW Hamburg


  • Improving Quality Control of Contagious Caprine Pleuropneumonia Vaccine with Tandem Mass Spectrometry

    François Thiaucourt, Olivier Pible, Guylaine Miotello, Nick Nwankpa, Jean Armengaud

    Proteomics | Volume18, Issue17.

  • Revision website LXRepair // Révision contenus site web LXRepair



  • Anti-CD160, Alone or in Combination With Bevacizumab, Is a Potent Inhibitor of Ocular Neovascularization in Rabbit and Monkey Models

    Thierry Menguy; Anne Briaux; Elisabeth Jeunesse; Jérôme Giustiniani; Alexandre Calcei; Thierry Guyon; Jacques Mizrahi; Hélène Haegel; Vanessa Duong; Vincent Soler; Pierre Brousset; Armand Bensussan; Isabelle Raymond Letron; Philippe Le Bouteiller

    Invest Ophthalmol Vis Sci | 59(7):2687-2698.