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Vendredis de la Rédaction 2024

The Vendredis de la Rédaction – a monthly appointment with your writing whatever your discipline or status – are back again for 2024. The first session of the year will take place on 26 January, sign-up is open (QR code in image).


This book will change your life: A Sting in the Tale by Dave Goulson

Following on from a family science project on our dependence on plastics, and thanks in large part to a school project on bees, I happened upon this book. I just happened to have a morning off in Glasgow where I had time to browse the shelves of a large and well-stocked bookshop, and discovered two books by Dave Goulson on bumblebees. I started with A Sting in the Tale, an autobiographical account of how the author got into bumblebee research, and a few projects in which he has been involved.

Is writing yet another gendered issue?

I read an article in 2020 about the fact that women scientists were publishing less than their male colleagues during the exceptional time that we were living through (1). I didn’t find this information surprising, indeed I remember complaining to a friend at the start of the first lockdown that there was gender bias in which parent would be the first port of call for problems with schoolwork or just dealing with boredom.

Writing, building real neural networks can help with productivity

As you may know, in April 2019 I took the opportunity to attend a writing retreat for academics and facilitator’s course run by Prof. Rowena Murray in Scotland. Since then, despite coming back on a total high and full of ambition, I’ve been trying to convince myself to get out of my comfort zone and put it in practice here in France. It’s an incomparable system for anyone in need of a space and structure to facilitate their writing.

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