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over 100 clients
TWS has already helped over 100 clients with a multitude of communication projects.
Translation and editing services
TWS offers translation and author’s editing services to a broad scientific community.
Over 250 publications
TWS has contributed to over 250 publications.

“ I was perfectly happy with the translation; I found that the translator had done an exceptional job to a remarkable level. “

INRS, X. Simon

“ The text gained considerably both in form and clarity. “

UMR1036 (INSERM/CEA/UJF), P. Huber

“ Thank you again for your high-quality work! “

CHU Grenoble, C. Kevorkian-Verguet

“ We worked on the short version of the paper that you provided, what an improvement! “

Laboratoire de Physiologie Cellulaire et Végétale, CNRS-UGA-INRA-CEA Grenoble, G. Curien

“ You did a huge job! I accepted almost all the modifications. “

UMR1036 (INSERM/CEA/UJF), P. Huber

“ Your input was really useful, thank you. “

Traductrice/Rédactrice, E. Seery

“ Thank you very much for your speed and efficiency. “

Promise advanced proteomics, Grenoble., D. Lebert

“ A very big thank you for the rapid translation of my publication project. I really appreciate your comments and in particular your critical reading of the scientific contents of the document. “

INRS, D. Beydon

“ I have just finished reading over it, and once again "thank you!” Your observations/corrections are really relevant and give the text a lot more impact. “

Laboratoire EDyP, BGE UMR_S 1038 Inserm/CEA/UJF , Dr T Burger

“ Thank you once again a thousand times for your vigilance “

Laboratoire Motricité Humaine Education Sport Santé, Inst De Recherche Biomédicale aux Armées., O. Castagna

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    Vendredis de la Rédaction 2024

    The Vendredis de la Rédaction – a monthly appointment with your writing whatever your discipline or status – are back again for 2024. The first session of the year will take place on 26 January, sign-up is open (QR code in image).




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