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over 100 clients
TWS has already helped over 100 clients with a multitude of communication projects.
Translation and editing services
TWS offers translation and author’s editing services to a broad scientific community.
Over 250 publications
TWS has contributed to over 250 publications.

“ The text gained considerably both in form and clarity. “

UMR1036 (INSERM/CEA/UJF), P. Huber

“ Thank you very much for your speed and efficiency. “

Promise advanced proteomics, Grenoble., D. Lebert

“ I was perfectly happy with the translation; I found that the translator had done an exceptional job to a remarkable level. “

INRS, X. Simon

“ Thank you for the quality of your work. “

Laboratoire Motricité Humaine Education Sport Santé, Inst De Recherche Biomédicale aux Armées., O. Castagna

“ Thank you again for your high-quality work! “

CHU Grenoble, C. Kevorkian-Verguet

“ The paper on which you worked was accepted in Nature Communications, which is an excellent result. “

LETI, CEA, S. Hentz

“ We worked on the short version of the paper that you provided, what an improvement! “

Laboratoire de Physiologie Cellulaire et Végétale, CNRS-UGA-INRA-CEA Grenoble, G. Curien

“ You did a huge job! I accepted almost all the modifications. “

UMR1036 (INSERM/CEA/UJF), P. Huber

“ I have just finished reading over it, and once again "thank you!” Your observations/corrections are really relevant and give the text a lot more impact. “

Laboratoire EDyP, BGE UMR_S 1038 Inserm/CEA/UJF , Dr T Burger

“ Thank you and well done for reading through our article. We really appreciated the quality and speed of the correction and we really saw how closely the suggestions made by Maighread fitted with our intentions/concepts. “

INRS, C. Gaudez

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    Vendredis de la Rédaction 2024

    The Vendredis de la Rédaction – a monthly appointment with your writing whatever your discipline or status – are back again for 2024. The first session of the year will take place on 26 January, sign-up is open (QR code in image).




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