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  • Double Electron-Electron Resonance (DEER): A convenient method to probe DNA conformational changes.

    Sicoli G, Mathis G, Delalande O, Boulard Y, Gasparutto D, Gambarelli S.

    Angewandte Chemie International Edition | (2008);47:735-37.

  • Quantum oscillations in a molecular magnet.

    Bertaina S, Gambarelli S, Mitra T, Tsukerblat B, Müller A, Barbara B.

    Nature | (2008);453:203-6.

  • Contribution of annexin 2 to the architecture of mature endothelial adherens junctions.

    Heyraud S, Jaquinod M, Durmort C, Dambroise E, Concord E, Schaal JP, Huber P, Gulino-Debrac D.

    Mol Cell Biol. | (2008);28(5):1657-68.

  • 15N-metabolic labeling for comparative plasma membrane proteomics in Arabidopsis cells.

    Lanquar V, Kuhn L, Lelièvre F, Khafif M, Espagne C, Bruley C, Barbier-Brygoo H, Garin J, Thomine S.

    Proteomics. | (2007);7(5):750-4.

  • A proteomics dissection of Arabidopsis thaliana vacuoles isolated from cell culture.

    Jaquinod M, Villiers F, Kieffer-Jaquinod S, Hugouvieux V, Bruley C, Garin J, Bourguignon J.

    Mol Cell Proteomics. | (2007);6(3):394-412.

  • A Proteomics Approach Highlights a Myriad of Transporters in the Arabidopsis thaliana Vacuolar Membrane.

    Jaquinod M, Villiers F, Kieffer-Jaquinod S, Hugouvieux V, Bruley C, Garin J, Bourguignon J.

    Plant Signal Behav. | (2007);2(5):413-5.

  • New insights into the regulation of phytochelatin biosynthesis in A. thaliana cells from metabolite profiling analyses.

    Ducruix C, Junot C, Fiévet JB, Villiers F, Ezan E, Bourguignon J.

    Biochimie. | (2006);88(11):1733-42.

  • B cell receptors and complement receptors target the antigen to distinct intracellular compartments.

    Perrin-Cocon LA, Villiers CL, Salamero J, Gabert F, Marche PN.

    J Immunol. | (2004);172(6):3564-72.

  • A kinetic model of the branch-point between the methionine and threonine biosynthesis pathways in Arabidopsis thaliana.

    Curien G, Ravanel S, Dumas R.

    Eur J Biochem. | (2003);270(23):4615-27.

  • Murine dendritic cells derived from myeloid progenitors of the thymus are unable to produce bioactive IL-12p70.

    Martinon-Ego C, Berthier R, Cretin F, Collin V, Laharie AM, Marche PN.

    J Immunol. | (2001);166(8):5008-17.

  • Tetanus toxin L chain is processed by major histocompatibility complex class I and class II pathways and recognized by CD8+ or CD4+ T lymphocytes

    I Kerblat, S Tongiani-Dahshan, C Aude-Garcia, M-B Villiers, C Drouet, and P N Marche.

    Immunology. | (2000);100(2):178–184.

  • Co-operation between human CR1 (CD35) and CR2 (CD21) in internalization of their C3b and iC3b ligands by murine-transfected fibroblasts

    M L Grattone, C L Villiers, M-B Villiers, C Drouet, and P N Marche.

    Immunology. | (1999);98(1):152–7.

  • Purification of intracellular compartments involved in antigen processing: a new method based on magnetic sorting.

    Perrin-Cocon LA, Marche PN, Villiers CL.

    Biochem J. | (1999);338(1):123-30.